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Welcome to Cheat Cheats!

Looking to level your character fast? Check out World of Warcraft secrets!

Cheating is not a crime! Cheating is a choice – not a mistake (well… when it comes to games at least… right?). When you’re playing your most addicting games and you get stuck, you just need that little boost that will help you continue. Perhaps you just want to dominate your buddies in WoW, and you want to impress people with how fast you can level, the equipment you have, etc. Well, we will give you all of the information you need to get your character leveling fast with the most awesome weapons and armor in the game. Information about anything and everything related to the game will be updated weekly until we have covered absolutely everything. We will provide class-specific leveling guides, strategies on obtaining rare pets, getting your hands on those precious heirlooms, etc.

Perhaps you are a fan of a different game? You have come to the right place. Cheat Cheats is here to provide you, the gamer, with that extra edge because winning is just more fun than losing over and over again. Time is precious and best not wasted – you don’t want to be walking around in endless circles in World of Warcraft, repeatedly kiss a sniper round in Call of Duty (head shot!), or continuously be invaded by the Zerg in Starcraft II.   Sometimes a few FREE secrets can go a long way and help make a game super extra fun, or make an old classic fun once more!

Here at Cheat Cheats, you will discover amazingly helpful walkthroughs, leveling guides, strategy guides, glitch & bug exploits, in-game secrets, hacks, cheat codes, and more…

We hope you continue to enjoy our growing resources available at your disposal. Feel free to share your own cheats in the comments section!

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  1. TX says:

    Thanks for the post on heirlooms. This greatly helps my wow character.

  2. Elfboy says:

    hope to see some good WoW secrets please